Common Areas

The Chapter House’s common areas are some of the largest on the Wesleyan campus and provide both brothers and members of the campus community spaces to utilize and enjoy.

Main Hall

The Chapter House’s main hall is widely considered the premier venue for student events, such as concerts and performances, because of its sheer size and comfortable atmosphere. Adorned with classic chandeliers and wood paneling, the Xi’s main hall is also home to Chique Chaque meals and is a place that Xi brothers can generally be found spending time. Adjacent to the main hall is the Willie Kerr Memorial Room, which houses a grand piano and comfortable seating. It is named in honor of Willie Kerr (Iota ‘57), who served as the faculty advisor to the Xi.

Joe Zaro Memorial Library (Xi Li)

On the Xi Chapter House’s third floor is a room fondly known as the Xi Li. It is home to a hundreds of books, many of which document the histories of both the Xi Chapter and the University. Brothers use the space as a quiet place to study. In the Fall 2007 semester, the undergraduates elected two Xi Librarians to monitor the space and maintain the Library’s extensive collection.

The Beach

Rooms 10 and 17 connect to the terrace on the back of the house, commonly known as “The Beach.” Brothers and guests can be found often in this space, enjoying their free time. A propane grill makes The Beach one of the House’s most popular places to hang out.