About the Xi

The Xi is the Wesleyan chapter of Psi Upsilon Fraternity. As an integral part of Wesleyan University since 1843, the Xi Chapter has developed a storied history over the past 165 years. The Xi’s longevity is, in itself, a celebration of the impact Psi Upsilon and Wesleyan University have had on young students for several generations.

During the 17 decades since Wesleyan’s founding, more than 75 Xi brothers have served on the University’s board of trustees. One in every five Wesleyan alumni giving service to the board has been a Psi U.

Seven campus buildings give testimony to Xi brothers who enhanced the facilities and educational program that foster Wesleyan’s continued growth and strength. John Clark ’86 was chair of the board from 1911 to 1920, and the naming of Clark Hall in his honor recognized his efforts as a fund-raiser. William Hall ’92 was similarly recognized for his donation to a new chemistry building in 1927, forerunner of the current Hall-Atwater Laboratories. C. Everett Bacon ’13 is also remembered for trustee service and athletic fame, and many generations will benefit from the Bacon Field House named for him. Silloway Gymnasium is named after Stuart Silloway ’29, who played a key role in the purchase of American Education Press, Inc., the most bountiful financial asset in Wesleyan’s history. Winchester House was bequeathed to Wesleyan by Caleb T. Winchester ’69, known during his fifty-one years of service (and long after) as Wesleyan’s greatest teacher. Crowell Concert Hall is named for Walter A. Crowell ’22, who provided for this key component of the Center for the Arts. Three units of the Foss Hill residential complex complete this account. They are named in honor of Leroy Albert Howland ’00, professor of mathematics from 1905 to 1947, who also served at various times during those years as dean, vice-president and acting president.

Standing at the center of ‘College Row‘ and Wesleyan’s history, Memorial Chapel is also infused with Xi history. The names in its windows and on its plaques, in addition to honoring those who gave their lives in three wars, are also mean to recognize a select group of 22 distinguished trustees, presidents and faculty. This architectural relic and recorder of our heritage cites seven Xi brothers among those worthy of individual recognition. In addition to the aforementioned Winchester and Howland, the list includes Calvin Sears Harrington ’52 and his son, K. P. Harrington ’82, teachers of the classics, James Van Benschoten ’56, professor from 1863 to 1902, Bishop Herbert Welch ’87, a true Renaissance man and trustee till the age of 97, and Oscar Kuhns ’85, a scholar in the Romance languages. Whether one looks to the board of trustees (one of every five alumni members since 1831), the campus (seven buildings), the chapel (one of every three leaders honored), or Distinguished Service Awards (one of every seven named since the inception of this recognition), there is ample evidence that Psi U brothers are a pervasive positive force in Wesleyan’s past, present and future.