Sid Espinosa ’94“ As a philanthropic investor in (and professional evaluator of) world-class colleges and universities around the world, I am intimately familiar with what makes a great university. I recognize that preserving Wesleyan’s unique strengths requires ensuring academic rigor, economic health, transparency and accountability, faculty retention and support, and vibrant student life. I have a wealth of experience in these areas, having worked with many of the most innovative and creative higher-education institutions across the globe. And I volunteer for this board now because I want to help ensure that the Wesleyan experience remains life-shaping, eye-opening, affordable, and inspirational. Frankly, I love Wesleyan for its unique culture—a culture that I will work to keep healthy and strong.”

Sid Espinosa ’94 is the director of philanthropy programs for Hewlett-Packard, overseeing philanthropic investments in environmental organizations, economic development nonprofits, and schools and universities around the world. Previously, Mr. Espinosa worked at the U.S. Department of Justice for Attorney General Janet Reno and in the Clinton White House. He holds a public policy degree from Harvard University. Mr. Espinosa serves on numerous community and business boards, and has chaired fundraising campaigns for nonprofit and educational organizations. He also has been actively involved in Wesleyan alumni activities, including admission interviews, phonathons, and local alumni events. While at Wesleyan, he served as a resident advisor, an Ebony Singer, a MeChA co-chair, and a senior interviewer. Last November, Mr. Espinosa became the first Latino ever elected to the City Council of Palo Alto, California.